Susan Valdes

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Susan Valdes..."students are my first priority."

Susan Speaking
Why Vote for Susan Valdes?

Hello, I'm Susan Valdes, your Hillsborough County School Board member for District #1. I'm running for re-election and asking for your support.

I was elected to the School Board in 2004.susan valdes I listened to your concerns, acted on our issues in the school district and served you by making it a priority to develop the best educational environment for our students.

Together we have made some wonderful progress and increased the overall quality of our school system. However, there is always more that we can do to make our world better, and I believe that education is the key to the positive outcome of our children and our future.

Vote for Susan Valdes School Board District 1
August 14, 2012

Susan's Campaign Commercial on WQBN
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Organization and Management

My organization and management experience...

organizationis well noted as a parent, an active member of the community and during my term as the Chair-Person for the Hillsborough County School Board etc. As a matter of fact the Hillsborough County School Board expressed great appreciation for my efforts and work as Chair of the School Board for 2009-2010.

Community Work

Committment to the Community

"Dear Mrs. Valdez,
Thank you for coming to our school and inspiring our students."

Memorial Middle School Staff

There are many such 'thank you' notes that I have received because of my efforts in the schools and community. My passion revolves around making certain that every student has the communitybest available education possible. That is what makes the work I do in the community and the schools a pleasure...not just a job. Here are more 'thank you notes' of appreciation for work done in the schools and community.


Donations for Susan Valdes campaign fund

Contributions from the public fuels the movement of any campaign.

Without contributions from the public how could we give the best education to our students?

Your dollars will be accounted for and used to give our students the best available education.

Together we can prepare our children to be successful in today's society.

Campaign Volunteers

Help Me Make a change

susan valdes in paradeThe success of any campaign strongly depends on the people who volunteer their valuable time and donations. I am very grateful for the people who have volunteered to help me in my re-election campaign. Here is how you can help me make District 1 even better.

Campaign Events

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Campaign Endorsements

Campaign endorsements for Susan Valdes:

The Tampa Bay Times
The Florida Sentinel Bulletin

La Gaceta

Teamster's Union Local 79

Association of Federal, State and Municipal County Employee's Union

The Greater Tampa Bay Realtors Association

Your campaign contributions are greatly appreciated.
Send campaign contribution checks to:

Susan Valdes Campaign
6622 North Clark Ave.
Tampa, Florida 33614